Category: Copenhagen Flea Market Tour

Copenhagen hosts some of the best flea markets in Scandinavia. No matter if one is after inexpensive second hand goods, bric-a-brac, or unique antiques, Copenhagen has flea markets just for that.

Mar 09
Gentofte Loppemarked

Ideally located just off Charlottenlund Station in the wealthy Gentofte suburb of Copenhagen, Gentofte Loppemarked is a a real magnet for flea market enthusiasts and thrifters who do not hesitate once a week to catch an early train from Copenhagen Central Station to be among the first visitors to stroll the flea market premises. Held every Sunday in the summer from mid April to early October, Gentofte Flea Market usually hosts approximately 70 private vendors..

Mar 05
Den Blå Hal (closed)

Den Blå Hal (which literally translates into “The Blue Hall”) is a weekly indoor flea market hosted in a massive building spreading out across 2000 square meters (21,500 square feet) in the Amager neighborhood of Copenhagen. Even though Den Blå Hal is a bit further out of Copenhagen’s city center, this rickety old shed filled with antique Scandinavian home ware is well worth a visit. For shoppers who are into flea markets and trinkets, Den..

Aug 08
Loppemarked i Remisen

Many of Copenhagen’s flea markets are held outdoors, which is unfortunate when one is dependent on the weather. But if the weather fails you, don’t despair: the Remisen flea market is regularly held in the Østerbro neighborhood in Copenhagen. The Remisen flea market takes place almost every week, and the entrance fee is as low as 10 DK (US$ 1.50). This entry ticket gives visitors access to a myriad of stalls selling clothes, shoes, toys, retro stuff,..

Aug 08

Located a few miles north from Copenhagen’s city center (it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach it in train from Copenhagen Central station), Københavnstrup is a tiny flea market located right next to Emdrup station, in a lovely residential area surrounded by old maple trees. Every Sunday from April to October, groups of flea market enthusiasts flock to Emdrup to attend Københavnstrup flea market. With its five wooden shacks that used to be garages and..