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Whether they’re located in Manhattan, Williamsburg or Brooklyn, flea markets in New York City are fantastic places to find vintage clothes, antiques, and other hip garments, all while on a budget.

Dec 15
Obscura Antiques and Oddities (online only)

When all things macabre, ghoulish and peculiar are required from a shopping trip, Obscura Antiques and Oddities should top the list of stores to visit in NYC. Obscura has enjoyed […]

Dec 15
Cure Thrift Shop

Walking into Cure Thrift Shop feels like entering a high-end boutique. The goods themselves create this feel as most of the clothing looks barely used to new in quality. However, […]

Dec 15
Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things started out as a regular stallholder at flea markets, and is now one of the largest architectural antiques dealers in the USA. The owners used to rifle […]

Dec 15
The Evolution Store

Tucked in a corner of the Bohemian capital of Greenwich Village, The Evolution Store is probably one of New York City’s most interesting shopping spots. Stepping into this store is […]