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Jul 28
Carré Rive Gauche

Art buffs and collectors regularly visit Carré Rive Gauche to hunt for exquisite and valuable antiques in one of the most famous antique areas in Paris. The organization Carré Rive Gauche offers a trail of different art and antique galleries led by passionate individuals keen to tell you the story of the pieces. A total of 111 art and antique galleries can be found within the Carré Rive Gauche, all situated between the prestigious streets..

Jul 28
Le Village Saint-Paul

A haven of antique stores, art galleries and artisan boutiques, the Village Saint-Paul hosts approximately 200 antique dealers selling everything from medieval pieces to 1960s and 1970s retro gear and pop memorabilia. Le Village Saint-Paul is charmingly removed from the local hustle and bustle, but resolute in the center of it all, with its succession of narrow cobblestone streets, large old trees and copious vines providing plenty of greenery. Soak up the beauty of the..

Jul 28
Brocante de la place d’Aligre

Located in the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine and near one of the most delightful and delicious food markets in Paris, the open air Marché d’Aligre, the Brocante de la place d’Aligre is a quiet and poetic flea market, with a pronvincial touch. The Brocante de la place d’Aligre offers a lively mix of items from around 40 small-scale profesional exhibitors, and private vendors, who haul out cases of various things set up on makeshift tables..