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What could be better than strolling age-old cobblestone streets in search of the perfect gift? For travelers who are always looking for something original, or for the perfect treasures to bring home, Rome’s flea markets are the place to go. Antiques, collectibles, new and second-hand clothing, furniture and decor items are all up for grabs at weekend markets located along some of Rome’s most frequented streets and squares.

Sep 07
Mercatino Antiquariato di Ponte Milvio

The antiques market in Ponte Milvio is the most important and one of the most select flea markets in Rome. Born almost twenty years ago, the Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio is a real tradition and a reference for Roman citizens, tourists, merchants and residents of central Italy. The Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio takes place almost every Sunday in the area of Ponte Milvio, all year long (except in August). The flea market starts..

Sep 07
Mercato Borghetto Flaminio

Just a few tram stops away from Piazza del Popolo, this stylish vintage market is nestled away from the madness. Situated within a derelict bus depot yard, Mercato Borghetto Flaminio takes place every Sunday. It’s full to the brim with kitsch trinkets and knick knacks, antiques, collectibles and retro designer accessories. Keep in mind that this market does charge an entrance fee, however, it’s only a small amount of €1.60. Which is well worth it,..

Sep 07
Porta Portese

Flea market enthusiasts who wish to see a different side of Rome, should head to this mammoth flea market located behind the Porta Portese in Trastevere. Hosting hundreds of stalls selling everything from rare books, vintage phones and chandeliers, to spare bike parts and DVDs, the Porta Portese flea market is crazily busy and a lot of fun. As a matter of facts, the Porta Portese mercatino sells everything you can possibly imagine. This flea..

Sep 07
Mercato Monti Urban Market

After opening in 2009, Mercato Monti has attracted hundreds of shoppers from afar. This hip Roman market showcases retro garments, second-hand trinkets, and stunning antiques. Not only can you find forgotten treasures from the past, you can also discover modern pieces made by upcoming artists and designers. The Monti neighborhood is a melting pot of Roman historic structures, vintage boutiques, cobbled streets and creative influences coming from all directions. Get lost in Mercato Monti and..