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Vienna hosts various flea markets and one impressive antiques district where antique dealers and Vienna’s auction house, the Dorotheum, are located. However, shoppers looking forward to finding a mind boggling range of Austrian antiques ranging from old furniture to trinkets of jewellery, should make a trip to Vienna’s Flohmarkt am Naschmarkt, their priority.

Oct 09

Situated in one of Vienna’s hippest neighborhoods, this charming vintage design store is run by Katharina Marchgraber, an art historian by training (she graduated from Christie’s Education in Paris) and daughter of one of Austria’s most prominent antiques dealer. All of the pieces are selected by Katharina herself. In 2012, she decided to take the plunge and turn her passion for collecting beautiful things into a successful career. Most of the retro items you find..

Oct 09
Vienna’s Antique District

If there is an antiques district in Vienna, it is probably the area around the Dorotheum auction house, one of the world’s largest and a magnet for lovers of attractive antiques. And since in Austria many traditions tend to be upheld, it is therefore no accident that so many antique shops are located in the city’s 1st district, only a couple of minutes away from the famous Wiener Stephansdom. In fact, the side streets around..

Oct 09
Auktionshaus im Kinsky direct sales

While auction houses are well-known for being establishments where you typically ‘bid’ for objects in a live atmosphere – there is also the opportunity to buy items without the need for bidding. Im Kinsky offers a direct sales service, this is where unsold items at auction are available for sale up to a month after the auction date. First opening its doors in 1992, Im Kinsky is renowned for their selection of stunning masterpieces from..

Oct 09
Dorotheum Auktionshaus direct sales

The Dorotheum auction house was founded in 1707 and later privatized in 2001. It is internationally renowned for its extensive selection of classic artwork, classic heirlooms and stunning antiques. If you are looking to discover rare, beautiful finds at an unbeatable price and on the spot – we suggest you act quickly with the direct sales service at this traditional auction house. This mammoth establishment has 28 branch offices in Austria and holds around 600..