You can get premium access to Fleamapket through three subscription options: quarterly (billed every 3 months), annually (billed annually) or a one-off lifetime subscription. For those wanting a trial experience, the quarterly plan is perfect. However, for dedicated antiques and flea market enthusiasts looking for a longer-term commitment, both the annual and lifetime options offer savings of up to 40% over their quarterly counterparts for similar durations. And you still have the flexibility to cancel at any time!

Here’s a look at some of the exclusive features you’ll unlock:

Events Calendar: Stay up to date with over 500 world-class flea market and antique show events in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia, each featuring anywhere from 100 to 4000 vendors. Even better, sync events to your phone up to 365 days in advance!

Event date filters: Instantly sift through listings to view markets that are “Open Now”, “This Weekend”, or for a specific date, to refine your antiques shopping plans. (Exclusive to Premium)

“Coming up” highlight: With a single click, view can’t-miss events such as unique antique shows or infrequent flea markets. (Exclusive to Premium)

Dates & Directions: Access schedules for over 1160 venues, from flea markets to antique shops, for seamless trip planning.

Advanced Market Filters: Find your ideal market by size, frequency, season or even special categories like “Top 20 Worldwide”, “Foodie Flea Markets”, “Winter Sun Getaways” and more.

Marketplace Quick View: Beyond the basics like address and phone number, quickly get information like market status (Open/Closed/Discontinued), upcoming events, price ranges, reviews and relative distance.

Direct contact feature: Contact any market directly through our platform or your personal email.

Expert flea market tours: Embark on self-guided 2 or 3 day shopping adventures in global antique hubs such as Paris, NYC, Berlin and more.

Fresh listings & updates: Think of Fleamapket as your ever-evolving travel guide. We continually introduce new markets and update data to keep you in the know.

Free expertise & tools: Got questions about upcoming markets? We’re here to provide you with travel tips and other handy resources such as a freight rate calculator and engaging antique podcasts.

The Fleamarket Calendar is not just any old events list; it’s a meticulously curated collection of the world’s best flea markets and antique shows. Here’s why it stands out:

Selection & Quality: Only the crème de la crème of flea markets and antique shows make it onto our calendar. Say goodbye to sifting through endless lists of average markets.

Expert reviews: Flea Market Insiders, a team of seasoned experts, handpick and review each event. They make sure you’re browsing only the most elite flea markets and antique shows in the world.

Tailored experience:

  • Keep track of exclusive, top-tier flea markets and antique shows across Europe, the US, Japan and Australia, featuring 200 to 2000 vendors.
  • Sync these events directly to your smartphone (iOS/Android compatible).
  • Plan ahead with up to a year’s preview of event dates, particularly useful for recurring markets.
  • Choose your preferred view – monthly, weekly or daily calendar views.
  • Geolocate events with location-based filtering, ideal for finding nearby treasures.

Premium bonus features: Beyond the calendar, unlock a range of tools including in-depth flea market exploration tools, comprehensive 3-day shopping itineraries and more.

In essence, Fleamapket’s Premium Calendar is your passport to the world’s most coveted antiques experiences, effortlessly laid out for you.

In the world of antiques, dealers often keep their sources close to their chests, like a fisherman’s favourite fishing spot or a mushroom picker’s secret patch.

There are hundreds of thousands of flea markets around the world every week. Sorting out which are gems and which are duds can be an overwhelming task. Fleamapket is here to make sure you don’t lose your way. We’ve meticulously researched and curated a list of top markets to make your trips consistently rewarding. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than going to a disappointing market, or worse, missing out on the flea market event of the year.

Our premium feature includes a detailed calendar of outstanding upcoming flea markets and can’t-miss antique shows. Plus, our intelligent filters allow you to refine your search to find markets that match your specific interests. With Fleamapket Premium, you’re equipped with a toolkit designed to refine and enhance your antique sourcing journey.

Relying on serendipity alone can lead to missed treasures. Arm yourself with Fleamapket’s curated insights and transform your sourcing from a gamble to a guided adventure.

We believe in full transparency, so here’s a breakdown of how your subscription fees are spent:

Reinvestment in quality: Every penny of your subscription goes back into improving our platform. In essence, your subscription is an investment in a richer experience for you.

Talented team: Your contributions directly support our editorial staff, talented copywriters and skilled programmers.

Top-notch technical support: We work with the leading WordPress maestros at Codeable to ensure our site runs smoothly.

Fast hosting service: We invest in a premium hosting service that ensures our platform remains fast, efficient and reliable.

Optimal content delivery: We’ve onboarded the industry’s best content delivery network to ensure our content reaches you quickly and smoothly.

Premium plugins: A portion of our budget goes towards acquiring high-quality plugins that enhance the overall functionality and user experience of our site.

100% ad-free experience: ads are a fact of life, as they are necessary to finance a platform or website. Thanks to your contribution, we’re able to offer you an exclusive 100% ad-free experience when you’re logged in to your premium account.

Relentless pursuit of excellence: Above all, we’re driven by our commitment to providing you with relevant, timely and high-quality content.

In short, your subscription is the fuel that powers our mission to remain unparalleled in our field. It’s a two-way investment – you support us, and we support your Fleamapket experience.

There are countless flea markets around the world, but only a few truly cater to the passionate flea market enthusiast and professional. Finding these gems can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To make this search easier, we created Fleamapket:

Our international calendar of flea markets and antique shows focuses on the crème de la crème of flea markets and antique shows in Europe, the USA and Japan. Only the most noteworthy and highly recommended events grace our curated list.

Fleamapket offers two main tools to help you find markets and events of interest: the Listings and the Calendar.

1. Listings
This feature provides comprehensive listings of antique shops, daily, weekly and monthly flea markets and antique shows. You can refine these listings by applying filters such as date, region and category to ensure you only see events that match your interests. For example, selecting “Category: Flea Markets” and “Region: Europe > France” will only show you flea markets in France. 

You can also sort these listings by specific dates using options such as ‘Any day’, ‘Open now’, ‘This weekend’ and ‘Pick a date’. This allows you to find markets that suit your travel schedule.

Open On filters

In the search results, some thumbnails may display a date indicating the next major event at that location. This date feature only applies to ‘Monthly Flea Markets’, ‘Rare Flea Markets’ and ‘Antique Fairs’, which are retrieved from the calendar. Note that daily and weekly flea markets and antique shops operate on a regular weekly schedule.

2. Calendar 

The calendar is specifically designed to display rare and important events such as “Monthly Flea Markets”, “Rare Flea Markets” and “Antique Fairs”. You can filter these events by ‘Event Category’, ‘Day’, ‘Country’ and ‘Must See’. The filters are designed to be used in combination, allowing you to overlay multiple criteria to refine your search. However, please note that adding multiple filters may limit the number of results. For example, by selecting ‘Event Category: Flea Markets”, “Day: Saturday + Sunday” and “Country: France + Germany + UK + Netherlands + Italy”, you can find out which events are planned on weekends in these five countries.

These tools are complementary and are best used together for the most comprehensive search results.

Of course! While we have designed our Android and iOS apps to enhance the user experience – providing quick access from your device’s home screen and ensuring seamless sessions without the need to constantly log in – our platform remains fully accessible via fleamapket.com. In essence, the app mirrors the content of our website. So whether you choose the app or the website, you’ll get the same high quality content. It’s all about what works best for you.

Absolutely! Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If Fleamapket Premium doesn’t meet your expectations, simply email us within the first 7 days of your purchase and we’ll arrange a prompt refund. We’re proud to say that the vast majority of our users – 99% to be exact – have written glowing reviews of our service. We’re here to improve your flea market journey with Fleamapket.

We’ve made the cancellation process easy for our subscribers:

Instant cancellation: You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. You can either email us directly or stop the recurring charges through your payment provider.

Refund Eligibility: If you cancel within 7 days of your initial purchase or renewal payment, you’re entitled to a refund. However, please note that there may be some PayPal or Stripe fees associated with late cancelled renewals.

Provide the necessary details: When requesting a refund, please include your original order numbers and the subscription you’re cancelling. This information can be found in the ‘Account & Billing’ section of your Fleamapket account.

Your satisfaction is important to us and we aim to make all processes, including cancellations, as seamless as possible.