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Hi, and welcome to our forum "Antique Talks"! My name is Nicolas Martin and I'm the chief-editor & founder of fleamarketinsiders.com and fleamapket.com.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had the antique bug. Passionate about history all my life, I always liked rummaging in an attic in search of lost treasures. So it made sense that one day I seized the opportunity to leave Paris and a job in PR in the IT field, to move to Austria to work for an antique dealer.

After several years of scouring antique fairs and antique markets all over Europe, I decided to share some of the knowledge I gained during these years, through my website fleamarketinsiders.com started in 2010.

The site having acquired a certain fame in the world of antiques and flea markets lovers, and having grown to a respectable size, I then decided in 2016 to create a complementary site specially dedicated to the referencing of the best antiques and flea markets in the world. fleamapket.com was born.

Fast forward to 2020: the sudden pandemic of coronavirus dramatically changes our lives. Everything is called into question, and simple things like meeting with family and friends, taking transport, traveling abroad, or going to an antique market on the weekend are temporarily no longer possible. The world is changing, and the world of antiques is tuning in.

I have set up this forum to allow all of us, lovers of flea markets and antiques, to take the discussion online, to exchange ideas, and to anticipate the "post-covid" era. I also thought that this forum would make this site more interactive by allowing open communication not only between publishers and readers but also between all of you readers.

Once again welcome to this forum, and I warmly invite you to share your ideas, thoughts, questions, and desires to travel in search of old treasures. May this forum be for all of us an additional voice with which we can dialogue among ourselves.


Hello Nicolas, thank you for sharing! It changes most ppl life. I basically lost my job. I was a private tour guide in shanghai since 2015, and I love my guests. I don't plan to give up it, since I believe the world will be connected again. However, I love to find something I enjoy to do. Recently I want to open a vintage shop in my hometown. But, I don't know much about it, just simplily like this idea. I have a friend who lives in London. And do you know anywhere I can get cheap, but good vintage clothes from london? Or other places?

Thank you a lot!



Hello Scarlett, thank you for sharing your story, and I'm deeply sorry to hear that the current health crisis has affected you in such a bad way. We're indeed living difficult times. But some of us are really having harder times than others. Hopefully, this will "soon" be behind us. And I really like to hear that you're not planning to give up! Please don't! When all this is behind us, travelers will need a good guide to take them to discover hidden gems in Shangai 🙂 By the way, if you know of good flea markets there (or antique stores), please feel free to share your tips! We'd love to pinpoint more great locations for antique lovers in Shanghai. We already added to our directory ARTifacts and Mu Lan Hua Ge Jia Ju Li Curio Company (which unfortunately closed its business a few years ago it seems).

If you're interested in becoming a vintage/antique vendors, we have a few useful resources on our blog fleamarketinsiders.com: https://www.fleamarketinsiders.com/category/tips-tricks/ like How To Make Money Selling Antiques, How To Become A Successful Antique Dealer, and What Are Antique Tours, Exactly? (if you'd like to add this feature to your private guide tour in Shanghai). If you're interested in selling vintage garments and sourcing them from London, here are a few articles that could help: 5 Rules To Follow When Shopping For Vintage Clothes , Best Flea Markets In London, Where Do Flea Market Vendors Buy Their Merchandise?, as well as some interviews we did like From The Flea Market To The Wardrobe: The Thrilling Hunt For Unique Pre-Loved Garments, and Attic Antics: From A Destash Project To A Full-Fledged Antiques Business

I hope these few resources will inspire you to add a string to your bow, and maybe (hopefully!) pursue a successful career in the antique/vintage business.

Don't give up!