How to post a new topic/question


To post a new topic or question, follow these simple steps.

1. First, verify that your question hasn't been already addressed by another member of this forum. If yes, read/reply there. If not, go ahead and open a new thread. You can use the search bar in the forum menu to do a keyword search. If something has been already written on the topic you're researching, it will likely appear in the search results. Click the result that corresponds best to your search and see if it answers your question. You can then add your own questions to the topic/forum that already exists.

2. If your topic hasn't been covered yet, make sure to post it in the relevant section. Chose first the forum that corresponds best to your topic before randomly posting your topic in any forum (ex: "Antique Tours & Flea Markets" if you want to start a topic related to a specific flea market, or if you're looking for instance for information about antique tours anywhere in the world). Topics posted in the right forum will more likely receive feedback from other members on that forum. Always stay on topic, use clear and descriptive titles, keep it short and clear, and make it easy/captivating to read.

3. To reply to an existing topic, use the +Reply button located at the top or bottom of any topic page: A response to a topic will always open at the bottom of all replies. If you rather want to respond to a specific reply within that topic, simply use the “Quote feature. In every reply to a topic, there is a link to “Quote located on the upper right side of the reply. Scroll to the reply you want to respond to and then click “Quote: The system will then copy the reply in its entirety and then automatically place that in a reply on the bottom. You can also edit the quote. However, never ever add something the original author did not say – this is unprofessional and bad practice! However, you don’t have to worry about shortening or removing as this etiquette is common and understood to just focus your reply on a specific part of what the author said. You can then respond under the quotation.

4. If you want to follow a discussion and receive a notification whenever someone adds a new comment, you can subscribe to that discussion via its RSS Feed (check the link "RSS Feed" at the bottom of this page). Premium subscribers can also receive notifications directly via email. You can read about this feature in more detail on the page "How to get notified when a discussion receives answers from other participants".

5. Last but not least, always make sure to follow our Forum Etiquette.

Have fun participating in this forum and enjoy sharing your passion for shopping antiques and collecting!