Antique and Vintage Fairs

Hosted since 1972 at the Weatherley Centre, the Biggleswade Antique & Vintage Fair runs almost all year long with just a short break over the summer months of July and August

All year long, Madison Events organizes two excellent monthly Antique and Vintage Fairs – one at Biddleswade in Bedfordshire and another at Potters Bar in Hertfordshire. These fairs have been running for many years now at each location, and they are always events that really pull in the crowds. With just a short break over the summer months of July and August, these markets are otherwise monthly affairs, and many visitors make sure they are back for each and every one!

Though very busy with customers, these Antique and Vintage Fairs are not the typical, sprawling events with hundreds of dealers that some of the larger shows are. With around 45 vendors selling at the Biggleswade Antique & Vintage Fair and 75 dealers exhibiting at the Potters Bar Antique & Vintage Fair, these markets are very easy to navigate and shoppers can be sure to visit each and every stall! Vendors are all incredibly approachable and happy to divulge the stories and histories behind the items on display.

There are some incredible items to be found at these Antique and Vintage Fairs. Shoppers will find silverware, brooches, vases, items of furniture, decorative objects beyond mention, teapots, jewelery boxes and amazing jewelery collections, cameras, cigarette cases, textiles, artwork and curios too many (and strange!) to list. Even visitors with the best intentions to only browse are sure to end up spending more than planned. Running out of cash is also no problem – there are card payment machines available, so there is no need to miss out on anything that catches the eye.

Facilities at the Antique and Vintage Fairs are praised almost as highly as the goods on offer, especially the cafes at each venue. There are bacon and sausage rolls freshly cooked for breakfast for the earlier shoppers, and great lunches available too. It is therefore too easy to make a day out of visiting these fairs.

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