Bernadi’s Antiques

Located on Mount Peasant Road since 1976, Bernadi's Antiques boasts more than 2500 square feet of space cleverly filled with a wide range of antiques and collectibles and is extremely well known among collectors and antiquing enthusiasts in Toronto

Bernadi’s Antiques has occupied the same spot on Mount Peasant Road in the city of Toronto since 1976. This antique store is therefore extremely well known among collectors and antiquing enthusiasts, both in Toronto and from the rest of Ontario. The store boasts more than 2500 square feet of space, which is cleverly filled with a wide range of antiques and collectibles. It is easy to see why it has been such a successful installment over the decades, and it certainly seems as though it will be trading for many years to come.

Mount Pleasant Road is a busy high street and from the outside, Bernadi’s Antiques does not stand out particularly from its neighbors. When you step through the front door, however, it is clear that you have entered somewhere a bit special. The antiques are spread over two levels and each one is similarly stocked as full as can be. The arrangement of the items means that there is not a great deal of room to move around, though it also means that everywhere you look is some new and exciting treasure to covet! Collectors need not worry about potentially missing out on their heart’s desires, as the staff here are more than happy to provide assistance and point the way to anything specific that is needed.

The owners of Bernadi’s Antiques are skilled in the curation of their collection and are always on the lookout for new and exciting finds to share with their customers. The store displays artwork, crystal ware, chinaware, statues and figurines, clocks, jewelry, furniture of all shapes and sizes, perfumes and powder boxes, silverware, pottery, and a wide range of lighting fixtures and fittings.

It is only natural that Bernadi’s Antiques is a popular stop for collectors. It is also a wonderful place to pop in for anyone searching for a beautiful and unique piece to decorate their home. The hardest thing will be narrowing down one’s choice to only one or two items here!

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