General Stanton Inn Flea Market

Named as one of America's best flea markets by the Huffington Post, General Stanton Inn Flea Market hosts over 500 vendors every weekend during the summer months, and is one of Rhode Island's favourite

Named as one of America’s best flea markets by the Huffington Post, the General Stanton Inn Flea Market is much loved in Rhode Island. With space for up to 500 vendors, there can be thousands of visitors each day that this flea market is set up for business. General Stanton Inn Flea Market takes place over the summer months only, and every weekend during this time. This allows for plenty of opportunities for rummaging through the available wares and getting your hands on some amazing bargains and unique items.

Since its start in 1965, the General Stanton Inn Flea Market has continually set the “gold standard” for outdoor flea markets in Rhode Island. It quickly became a favorite in the region, and over the years gained a reputation in neighboring states and further afield. These days, it is very popular and shows no signs of diminishing. The Inn itself has been standing since 1667 (legend has it that it hosted George Washington for a drink or two), and creates a lovely backdrop for a flea market filled with treasures from yesteryear. It also has accommodation on offer, so if one day is not enough to fulfil all your shopping needs, you can stay at this flea market for the whole weekend!

Opening up through spring and summer means the General Stanton Inn Flea Market provides perfect shopping opportunities for those cottage owners setting up for the beach season each year. Those that seek that perfect, unique, conversation-starter for their homes are going to be spoiled for choice here. Vendors are full of ideas for upcycling too, and those seeking inspiration are guaranteed creative conversations. The items for sales often have stories behind them too, and learning of these is one of the joys of flea markets of course.

The lovely antiques and vintage items for sale at the General Stanton Inn Flea Market sit alongside excellent renewable collector’s items, home made crafts and wonderful pieces of art. There are also food stalls with local and home made products, providing much needed refreshments and allowing for more hours spent shopping! Bring plenty of cash though, as there are no ATMs on site.

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