Kawagoe Antique Market – 川越骨董市

One of Tokyo's expats favorite fair, and worth every minute of the 80-minute train ride from central Tokyo

Kawagoe Antique Market is a fairly large monthly flea market hosting around 110 stalls. Featuring everything from Japanese antique furniture to pottery and kimonos, Kawagoe Antique Market is one of Tokyo’s expats favorite fair, and is worth every minute of the 80-minute train ride from central Tokyo.

It is therefore generally advised to make a day of the trip to this flea market, and visit the old town of Kawagoe. Downtown Kawagoe’s main street is lined with traditional shop houses and warehouses from the Edo period, which lend a wonderful feel to the proceedings.

The Antique market is located about 15-minute walk from Hon-Kawagoe station on the Seibu Shinjuku line. It is really hard to miss it, as it is a very popular fair in the region, and it is visited by thousands of enthusiasts every month. Alternatively, visitors can also take other trains to Kawagoe station.

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