Lokeren Flea Market

Don’t expect to find antiques or highly valuable items, but rather knick-knack, comics, CDs, postcards and stamps

Lokeren is not exactly a metropolis, but its flea market has the merit to exist. Once a week at 6 a.m., the stalls are mounted and merchants start unpacking. At 8 a.m., buyers start flocking. The city’s official website explains that the Lokeren flea market is only reserved for the sale of second-hand or used items. So don’t expect to find antiques or highly valuable items, but rather small flea market stalls selling knick-knack, comics, CDs, postcards and stamps.

The Lokeren flea market is the perfect venue made for individuals who wish to get rid of their bulky furniture, as well as products they don’t need anymore. Visitors can thereby expect to find toys or almost new kitchen utensils at very attractive prices. And the atmosphere of the flea market is so friendly, that you’ll have the feeling that all people know each other!

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