Ghent Prinsenhofrommelmarkt

Once a year, the city of Ghent holds the Prinsenhofrommelmarkt, one of the largest and most popular flea markets in Belgium and a real celebration for the people of Ghent

The city of Ghent is simply steeped in history, and no area has more to tell than the setting of the annual Prinsenhofrommelmarkt. The Prisenhof, formally known as the Castle of the Counts, was a gigantic, fully walled complex and the birthplace of  Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. The building itself fell into disrepair in the 17th century, and the location was repurposed through the years for many different businesses and events. Once a year, the castle holds the Prinsenhofrommelmarkt, one of the largest and most popular flea markets in Belgium.

There are so many fantastic goods up for grabs at Prinsenhofrommelmarkt. Since it only takes place once a year, it really feels as though vendors save up their best goods to offer out at this flea. There are wonderful old toys, comics, chinaware, glassware, record players, vinyl collections, ornaments, pieces of furniture, mirrors, artwork, jewelry, woodcraft and more.

Vendors at Prinsenhofrommelmarkt are happy to strike a bargain, so visitors should be ready to barter! There is also plenty of information to be had about the goods on display, so starting up a conversation with the stallholders is always a great idea.

The area surrounding the Prinsenhofrommelmarkt is a quiet, little known gem of Ghent. Beautiful trees line the cobbled streets leading to the water’s edge, creating a wonderful place to have a walk and take in the historic surroundings. The bustle of the Prinsenhofrommelmarkt simply adds to the pleasure of the area.

Prinsenhofrommelmarkt is a real celebration for the people of Ghent, and live music, street performers and plenty of local food and drinks accompany the vendors. It is an event that anyone from the area will have marked in their calendar, and visitors should definitely coincide their trips to Ghent with the annual flea. Shoppers are guaranteed to leave the premises with plenty of things they do not need, but will greatly enjoy!

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