Solar Antiques

Trading antiques tiles since the 1940s, Solar Antiques is both the largest and the oldest antique store in Portugal, and the largest antique tiles dealer in the world

Solar Antiques has quite the claim to fame. It is both the largest and the oldest antique store in Portugal, and the largest antique tile dealer in the world. This obviously places it at the top of the list of places to visit for those with a qualified interest in such things. Though there is great pride taken in the goods that are curated and available for sale, this store states that their main purpose is the rescue and conservation of local heritage. It is therefore a place of real historic importance, and a treasure in the world of antiques.

Solar Antiques has been trading from the same spot since 1957. The business is now run by the third generation of the Leitão family, who have been trading and specializing in antiques and tiles since the 1940s. Stepping into this store is to be surrounded by Portuguese culture and its influences over the centuries, and the owners want to ensure that this history is not lost. Anyone with an interest in the past of Lusitania will find plenty to learn about from both the artifacts and the staff in this store.

The tiles in stock at Solar Antiques range from the 15th century to the 1930s and this is the largest inventory of tiles found in the world. Along side these in the store are other decorative art pieces and ornamental items, making a walk through here feel like a trip to an historic art gallery. It is something special indeed, and is quite a unique store to visit.

Obviously those who collect or are interested in antique tiles will want to visit Solar Antiques at least once in a lifetime. Tourists to the area may also want to stop by, if only to admire the pieces and appreciate the history of the store. It is most definitely worth it.

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