Tsukinomiya Shrine – 月野宮神社

A pretty big antique flea market with over 150 sellers, heavily focused on traditional Japanese antiques and house goods

The Antique Fair at Tsukinomiya Shrine is a pretty big antique flea market with over 150 sellers, heavily focused on traditional Japanese antiques and house goods. It is held every month at Tsukinomiya Park behind the Tsukinomiya Shrine in Urawa, Saitama Prefecture.

The Tsukinomiya Shrine market is mainly centered on traditional folk utensils of the Japanese culture, which makes it quite similar to the Kawagoe Antique Market, Takahata Fudoson and Heiwajima Antique Fair. Furniture, ceramics, kokeshi, netsuke, tea ceremony sets, kimonos, obis and fabric are some of the typical items that can be found at this flea market.

One interesting feature of this antiques fair, is that it is hosted in the premises of a unique shrine. As a matter of facts, the The Tsukinomiya Shrine does not have the traditional tori gate or protective lions (which is a symbol of Japanese shrines). It carries instead a pair of stone rabbits. For this reason the shrine is called “Tsuki Jinja” by the people of Urawa. “Tsuki” means the moon in Japanese, for in the old days people believed a rabbit lives in the moon.

The Tsukinomiya Shrine is close to JR Urawa Station, and a bit of a hike from downtown Tokyo is necessary to reach the place. But it is worth the effort.

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