Local Directories

In the world of flea markets, there is unfortunately still no such thing as "one size fits all". The choice of marketplaces we feature on our site is based on several cumulative parameters: the size of the event, its frequency, ease of access, and the quality of the items sold, among other things. We try to propose flea market recommendations that offer the best ratio of all these elements. And, unfortunately, we have to make editorial choices, even though we know that there are many small village or country roadside flea markets that are real treasure troves, but which are either too small, don't take place regularly, or about which there is little or no information.

We therefore made the choice to emphasize in our directory, only the most significant antique fairs and flea markets in each region.

If you are looking for smaller events, or for all events in a particular region, you will find here a list of local directories that specifically list local antique fairs and flea markets.