The antique dealers of the Via dei Coronari

Just a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona lies a peaceful street, around 500 meters long, scattered with decadent gelaterias and quaint antique shops. Find yourself immersed in true Roman opulence as you meander along Via dei Coronari. It’s almost as if one has stepped into a time machine and traveled back 60 years; locals spend their day peering through shop windows or sipping coffee alfresco with their face buried in an enchanting novel. Life slows down on this cobbled street and the pedestrians happily let the day dwindle away in true Italian style. Rome is full of wondrous flea markets, such as Mercatino dei Parioli and Mercatino di Ponte Milvio a Roma, however most of the city’s secondhand markets only operate over the weekend, and some even just once or twice a month. This is where Via dei Coronari comes to save the day; the street is home to an abundance of antique dealers that are open throughout the week. It would be criminal for a vintage enthusiast to visit Rome and not spend at least half a day exploring Via dei Coronari’s establishments and all of the hidden trinkets and treasures that exist inside them.