Auktionshaus im Kinsky direct sales

While auction houses are well-known for being establishments where you typically ‘bid’ for objects in a live atmosphere – there is also the opportunity to buy items without the need for bidding. Im Kinsky offers a direct sales service, this is where unsold items at auction are available for sale up to a month after the auction date. First opening its doors in 1992, Im Kinsky is renowned for their selection of stunning masterpieces from forgotten eras, as well as more modern pieces. If you are looking to acquire rare, beautiful works of art at an unbeatable price – act quickly with the direct sales service. This treasure trove consists of a team of experienced professionals who all possess an extensive knowledge of classic and contemporary art, antiques, and Art Nouveau pieces. The antiques, artworks and vintage sculptures available at Im Kinsky are in no way cheap. They are premium items, and the price tag seamlessly matches the quality of the products. For customers who are looking to shell out thousands of euros on a new addition to their living room or bedroom – Im Kinsky is the ideal place to start. Each masterpiece has a tale to tell, whether it’s about the artist, it’s collectors, the previous owners, or the hidden meaning behind its beauty – each item has a rich and fruitful past. What’s more, every sale adds an additional element to the history of the object.