Bananas Mobiliar 1930-1980

Bananas is located opposite Vienna’ famous Naschmarkt, one of the city’s best shopping destinations for second-hand goods and fresh produce. This beloved antique furniture store is the pride and joy of Ernst Hahnbauer. After spending years collecting rare statement pieces and homeware, he realized that he could make a living from his adoration of vintage souvenirs and collectibles. Since opening Bananas in the fifth district, Mr. Hahnbauer has never looked back. The inventory at Bananas is regularly replenished with new eclectic wares. Most of the objects are from the 1930s to 1980s. Expect to find stylish floor lamps, Scandinavian wooden coffee tables, floral armchairs, oak dressers, retro alarm clocks and grand ceiling lamps. The stock here has a premium price tag, which we believe fairly matches the quality of the authentic items on display. Small accessories and trinkets can be found at fairly cheap prices. However, for the big furniture items, you should be ready to fork out quite a bit.