Suarezstrasse – Die Berliner Antikstrasse

A trip to Berlin is incomplete without taking a stroll along Suarezstrasse and exploring all of the eccentric wonders that it has to offer. This mile-long flea market is brimming with Art Deco furniture, paintings, and retro trinkets, all available at unbeatable prices. Boasting over 30 stores showcasing a spectacular array of collectibles, estate purchases, and vintage curiosities, Suarezstrasse – also known as Die Berliner Antikstrasse and The Antique Mile – is known and adored by many locals. However, it still remains a mystery to a huge portion of the cities tourists. This street was named after the jurist Carl Gottlieb Suarez in July of 1897. It was in the seventies that Suarezstrasse was established as a specialist street for antiques and collectibles, during the period of “Sperrmüllaktionen” in Berlin.