Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Flea Market is pure East End London flea market, which means Jewish bagel shops, Bangladeshi curry houses, Indian sari silks – and Cockneys crying out their wares. This chaotic, bustling flea market is half way between jewel and junk heap. However, the Brick Lane flea market is not simply a street filled with market booth and loud merchants. It is a more complex, intricate network of five markets all connected together, known as The Truman Markets. These markets are located within the confines of the historic 11-acre Old Truman Brewery, at the northern end of Brick Lane, and are known as The Sunday UpMarket, the Vintage Market, the Backyard Market, the Tea Rooms and the Boiler House Food Hall. Among these markets, the Tea Rooms and the Vintage Markets are probably the most interesting markets we’ve seen in Brick Lane, as they offer an eclectic collection of antiques, curios, collectibles, vintage clothing & accessories.