Dorotheum Auktionshaus direct sales

The Dorotheum auction house was founded in 1707 and later privatized in 2001. It is internationally renowned for its extensive selection of classic artwork, classic heirlooms and stunning antiques. If you are looking to discover rare, beautiful finds at an unbeatable price and on the spot – we suggest you act quickly with the direct sales service at this traditional auction house. This mammoth establishment has 28 branch offices in Austria and holds around 600 auctions every single year. While auction houses are typically known for being places where you ‘bid’ for objects in a live atmosphere – there is also the opportunity to buy items without the need for bidding against other buyers. Direct sales means that you can purchase items that weren’t successfully sold at auction, available at an inclusive price. This Aladdin’s cave is made up of a team of experienced professionals who all possess an impressive knowledge of classic and contemporary art, antiques, and Art Nouveau pieces. Dorotheum are made up of three business divisions; auction, retail (such as ‘Dorotheum Juwelier’) and pawn office. The antiques, artworks and vintage sculptures available at Dorotheum are premium items, and the price tag seamlessly matches the quality of the products.