Mercato Borghetto Flaminio

Just a few tram stops away from Piazza del Popolo, this stylish vintage market is nestled away from the madness. Situated within a derelict bus depot yard, Mercato Borghetto Flaminio takes place every Sunday. It’s full to the brim with kitsch trinkets and knick knacks, antiques, collectibles and retro designer accessories. Keep in mind that this market does charge an entrance fee, however, it’s only a small amount of €1.60. Which is well worth it, considering you will certainly come away with bundles of new treasures. This market is well-known for showcasing high-quality vintage trinkets and antiques. This market has something to suit every style; whether you’re into minimalist European furniture or intricately patterned and flamboyant decorations – you will find a mixture of everything at Mercato Borghetto Flaminio. Every week there are stacks of new items to sieve through, as vendors are constantly changing.