Mercato delle Stampe

Mercato delle Stampe is situated in the heart of Rome, within walking distance of some big cultural spots, such as Ara Pacis Museum and Galleria del Cembalo. The famous Trevi Fountain is also just a 10-minute stroll from the Mercato delle Stampe. Which means before heading to the market you can make a wish at the fountain that you’ll find your dream vintage item – and later discover it at Mercato delle Stampe. The booths at Mercato delle Stampe are adorned with classic novels and Art Nouveau posters displayed in the windows. There are, of course, many other antiques and second-hand trinkets for sale, such as delicate jewelry, glass vases, vintage suitcases and old-fashioned ornaments. However, what truly makes this market stand out from the rest is its abundance of prints, postcards, books and retro posters.