Mercato Monti Urban Market

After opening in 2009, Mercato Monti has attracted hundreds of shoppers from afar. This hip Roman market showcases retro garments, second-hand trinkets, and stunning antiques. Not only can you find forgotten treasures from the past, you can also discover modern pieces made by upcoming artists and designers. The Monti neighborhood is a melting pot of Roman historic structures, vintage boutiques, cobbled streets and creative influences coming from all directions. Get lost in Mercato Monti and flick through classic Italian novels, discover collectibles and antiques, artisan creations, mid-century furnishings, and souvenirs. Mercato Monti is surrounded by a plethora of historic ruins and remnants of Ancient Rome, such as the awe-inspiring Colosseum. The area is buzzing with curious tourists and stylish locals enjoying some downtime in the districts trendy restaurants and bars. The market is small but carefully curated – all of the stock is beautiful, sought-after and of the highest quality. This part of Rome is a perfect blend of old derelict buildings and architecture, mixed with modern businesses and creatives who are injecting a new lease of life into Monti.