Nørrebro Loppemarked

Dubbed Denmark’s narrowest flea market, the Nørrebro Loppemarked is also the longest. Established back in 1986 by a group of traders in Nørrebrogade, the Nørrebro flea market stretches for 333 metres on one half of the sidewalk, along the yellow wall of the Assistens Kierkegaard Cemetry on Nørrebrogade. In fact, the backdrop of the yellow cemetery walls gives the Nørrebro flea market quite a unique feel unrivaled in the region. Although narrow, the Nørrebro flea market offers nonetheless exceptional finds for those willing to put effort into rummaging and searching for that perfect deal. From vintage furniture and antiques to art, jewelry, old watches, vintage pictures, and much more, Nørrebro flea market has pretty much anything for everyone.