Trödelmarkt Straße des 17. Juni

The Straße des 17. Juni flea market looks back on a long tradition and is nestled in the heart of Berlin’s history. This flea market is very popular among locals and tourists, and many travel guides recommend this venue as a great tip for a stay in Berlin. This is mainly because this flea market is surrounded by historic landmarks. The Straße des 17. Juni flea market sells all sorts of vintage merchandise, including for instance, furniture, records, old movies, computer games, vintage clothing, accessories, porcelain, jewelry and old paintings. Anyone looking for bargains, should show up at the flea market as early as possible. This applies to any flea market around the world. No exception here, except that this flea market only “opens its gates” at 9:45 a.m., which is a pretty decent time compared to most flea markets.