Broc’ Antik Market (Waterloo Flea Market)

Once located near the eponymous battlefield where French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte met its fate in 1815, the Waterloo flea market has since moved to another venue just 6 miles south from its former location. And even though this flea market is no Tongeren, it is close to Brussels, Namur, and Charleroi and well worth a look-see. Renamed Broc’ Antik Market Belgium, the Waterloo Flea Market hasn’t lost a wee bit of its former glory. Quite the contrary in fact: From 120 vendors that used to gather every week since 1990 on an open air car park, this flea market has today grown to 500 merchants hosted on an indoor (300 exhibition spaces) and outdoor (80 to 120 exhibition spaces) area that can welcome up to 750 sellers every week! Last but not least, the organizers of Broc’ Antik Market Belgium have strengthened the vetting process of its vendors, which has helped increase the overall quality of the items sold at the flea market.