How fleamapket was born

As the saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

So we did.

We dreamed of a beautiful flea market directory that looked and felt professional. We longed for a platform that emphasized reliable and accurate information. And we longed for a system that made finding great flea markets and antique shows ridiculously fast and easy.

Tired of frustrating experiences with other unreliable solutions already on the market, we wanted a flea market directory and calendar that we would love to use.

And so Fleamapket was born.

With Fleamapket, you get an easy-to-use, reliable toolkit to help you improve your flea market shopping experience and grow your business. No wonder Fleamapket is used and praised by hundreds of antique professionals in Europe and the USA as the ultimate tool for planning their sourcing trips.

Fleamapket takes the hassle out of finding flea markets and antique shows worth visiting, so you can focus on what is most important – buying antiques and vintage.

Fleamapket is our dream come true. Our customers love using Fleamapket, we love using Fleamapket, and we know you’ll love using it too.

Which flea markets are worth traveling miles to see?

A dilemma many vintage enthusiasts and even professionals face when planning their travels. Fleamapket is a great tool for discovering the best flea markets in the world, guaranteeing flea market lovers a worthwhile trip.

Quality over quantity.

That’s the premise of Fleamapket. Our flea markets are selected by experts. There are no paid listings for flea markets, and we will always keep the number of listings limited. So you might not find a flea market right where you live, but Fleamapket’s markets are definitely worth the miles!

Flea Market Insiders, a renowned media platform dedicated exclusively to flea markets, vintage design and lifestyle, is behind Fleamapket. We provide expertise and personalized service to our readers. Visit Flea Market Insiders to learn more about our history or sign up for our free newsletter.

Where does your subscription money go?

We are completely transparent about where your subscription money goes. Quite simply, we reinvest it all back into the creation of fresh new content and the continuous improvement of our website and services. Basically, what you pay comes right back to you. This is the magic formula for us to stay on top of our game.

Your contribution helps fund our editorial team, our copywriters, talented programmers and top WordPress experts at Codeable, a fast, efficient and reliable premium hosting service, the best content delivery network on the market to deliver our content, premium quality plugins, and most importantly, a relentless effort to always offer you relevant, up-to-date, and quality content. That’s what we’re all about.

You're just one click away from unlocking the full power of Fleamapket.

You can browse for free or upgrade to Fleamapket Premium for even more features, including a calendar, the ability to filter results by opening days – “now”, “this weekend”, or on a date of your choice in the future, recommendations of nearby flea markets and antique stores, and much more.

They love Fleamapket too

Antique dealers, interior designers, architects, business owners, artists, collectors, or just plain old vintage and antique lovers: Fleamapket Premium is praised by antique professionals as the ultimate tool for planning their sourcing trips. Discover how we've helped change the antique hunting lives of some of our 1,594 beloved customers.

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