Never miss a flea market fair.
Ever again.

Our calendar helps you daily keep track of the largest & best rated flea market fairs in the world.
So you’ll always be at the right place, at the right time, to snap up the best merchandises.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why a calendar?

Each month, dozens of major international flea market fairs take place across Europe, the US and Japan. These events of a rare magnitude, gather thousands of flea market merchants, and ten times as many visitors. Behemoths like the yearly 127 Corridor Sale or La Grande Braderie de Lille are some of the most famous in the world. However, there are many more flea markets out there, which are just as amazing!

But how to keep track of all these huge flea market fairs, particularly if they do not take place on a regular basis?

We’ve addressed this problem by creating a custom calendar that actively tracks the largest & best rated Flea Market Fairs in Europe, the US and Japan, each of them gathering between 400 and 2 000 vendors. Because such events mostly take place on a non regular basis, they are pretty difficult to track and easy to miss! This is why we decided to take things in our hands, and create an International Flea Markets & Vintage Fairs calendar EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to those massive monthly/quarterly/yearly flea market fairs.

You can now precisely know up to two years in advance when the best flea market fairs are taking place, and start planning your trip!

Which features can I expect to find ?

  • Over 475 top rated events in Europe, the US and Japan
  • 3 custom views: world map, calendar, list
  • Search feature to find nearby flea markets
  • Export events to your Smartphone’s calendar
  • View events up to two years in advance
  • email support
  • + access to all our premium features

How many flea market events are featured in your calendar?

There are over 475 events listed in our calendar, each of them gathering between 400 and 2,000 flea market vendors! This should be more than enough to keep you busy all year long.

How can I get access to your flea market and antiques fairs calendar?

Our International Antiques & Vintage Fairs calendar is available to our registered members. So join us today and get instant access to the yearly schedule of the biggest flea markets and antiques fairs in Europe, the US and Japan!

Can I get a sneak preview of this calendar before subscribing?

Sure thing! We’ve taken a few screenshots of what our calendar looks like on smartphones. And trust us, it looks just as great on desktops and tablets!

View recurring flea market and antique fairs up to two years in advance:

fleamapket cal. mobile-013

Track over 475 top rated flea markets and antique fairs in a monthly or weekly calendar view:

fleamapket cal. mobile-010

fleamapket cal. mobile-005

Bulk export more than 475 flea market events to your smartphone’s calendar (iOS/Android):

fleamapket cal. mobile-006

Get driving direction to any flea market or antique fair, from your current location:

fleamapket cal. mobile-001

fleamapket cal. mobile-003

What can I expect for $15?

Our calendar is an ongoing project. This means that we will be adding more and more venues in the weeks and months to come, at no extra cost for you! Besides, our International Antiques & Vintage Fairs calendar has some pretty cool features you will love:

  • Accurate & Reliable – Each International Antiques & Vintage Fair has been carefully selected and manually added to the calendar by our editorial team.
  • User Friendly – Visualize upcoming International Antiques & Vintage Fairs, in a calendar grid, a list, day by day or on a map! Plus, our location search feature lets you find quickly nearby flea markets.
  • Mobile – Export individual events or a full view’s worth for use with your iPhone/iPad/Mac (iCal) or Android device/PC (Google Calendar).
  • Responsive – Each calendar view is fully responsive and mobile-ready, so you can access events on the go.
  • Affordable – At $15 a pop, things can’t go wrong. Hundreds of hours have been invested in the process, and your investment will keep us going and help us add more venues from around the world!