Paris in 3 days

A visit to a brocante can be the highlight of your trip to Paris: a chance to immerse yourself in everyday French culture, an exciting way to spend a few laid back hours, and an opportunity to grab a bargain or pick up a prized souvenir to add to your collection.

London in 3 days

Flea markets and Antiques Fairs have become rather hip in London over the last few years, mostly as a way to decor and furnish on a budget. From used furniture to quilts and kitchenware, flea markets around London are a true heaven for antiques collectors and savvy consumers.

New York in 3 days

From museums and parks, to sightseeing tours, concerts and of course shopping, New York has a lot to offer. And whether you’re a visitor or a local craving for vintage and antiques, be advised that flea markets in NYC are full of hidden treasures that would grace any home or wardrobe!

Rome in 3 days

What could be better than strolling age-old cobblestone streets in search of the perfect gift? For travelers who are always looking for something original, or for the perfect treasures to bring home, Rome is the place to go.

Berlin in 2 days

For bargain hunters, a stroll through one of Berlin’s bustling flea markets is a great way to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning. Keep an eye out for GDR memorabilia, and nice 70s lamps.

Brussels in 3 days

Bargain hunters, antiques dealers, collectors and other vintage enthusiasts regularly haunt Brussels’ flea markets, like gold diggers. From the Place du Jeu de Balle to Sablon, all seams are good in order to dig up a “gem” at the flea market!

Copenhagen in 3 days

Copenhagen hosts some of the best flea markets in Scandinavia. No matter if one is after inexpensive second hand goods, bric-a-brac, or unique antiques, Copenhagen has flea markets just for that.

Vienna in 2 days

Vienna’s antique district is brimming with upspcale antique shops selling museum-quality items ranging from Gothic painted furniture and church statuettes, to late 19th century Jugendstil timepieces.

Amsterdam in 3 days

Besides showcasing a large selection of vintage and design shops, and hosting two large flea markets, Amsterdam is home to a bustling antique street, the Spiegelkwartier, a rich treasure-trove of art and antiques.

Toronto in 3 days

Not only is Toronto’s region famous for its endless forests, Niagara Falls, and beautiful wilderness, it is also home to an abundance of vintage and antique markets selling all manner of memorabilia and collectibles.