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Defined in opposition to European art, tribal art can be understood as a set of works from societies long considered less civilized. If we find works of Oceanian, Indonesian, pre-Columbian, or aboriginal art, it is especially African art that arouses a major interest. For good reason, the collections of artworks from African societies give an insight into this culture at the crossroads of world history. Tribal art, also known as primitive art, has become a definite favorite and is attracting more and more enthusiasts. In addition to the many exhibitions that attract a significant number of people, it has developed a real market whose turnover exceeded 80 million euros each year. This is justified by the growing number of sellers and buyers from Europe and even America. Magnificent and surprising, works from outside Europe have a significant influence on a number of Western artists. You will find here the list of antique dealers and international antique fairs that focus on tribal art.

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