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Whether it is a painting, drawing, sculpture, photograph, or collage, having a work of art in your home is a great source of satisfaction. First of all, it creates an impact on the decoration of the interior itself. As we often see in the photos of certain decoration magazines, a painting or a large photo can leave its mark on the atmosphere of a room in the house: a color palette that will create a link between all the elements of the decoration, a powerful and assertive line that will give character to a sober layout, the play of light and shadow in a black and white photo that will illuminate a room. Beyond the aesthetic point of view, a work of art has an emotional aspect. Whether you own it or not, a work of art arouses emotions. Sometimes it questions and challenges. Sometimes it comforts and reassures. Finally, owning a work of art is not only reserved for a wealthy and cultured elite. Today, it is possible to acquire antique paintings, sculptures and photographs by relatively renowned artists without breaking the bank, simply by knowing how to hunt for them in flea markets, antique shops and even online. 

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