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If you’re looking for silverware to add an original touch to your dinner party, this list of antique malls, antique shops, and flea markets might be helpful. Many small charity stores and thrift stores have cabinets filled with beautiful antique silver spoons, butter knives, teapots, and candlesticks. You can always find hidden gems in these types of stores for a fraction of the regular retail price of antique silver. So go on the hunt! On the other hand, if you don’t have too much time to go treasure hunting, and you have a clear idea of the silverware you are looking for, antique shops might be a better option: you’re guaranteed to find the perfect silver item in antique stores. These places are often run by experts who know exactly what they’re buying and selling to their customers. Antique stores are treasure troves stacked full of silver and gemstone cabinets. Whether you choose one or the other option, you should find your luck here.

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