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May 16
Shipping Antiques And Collectibles From Abroad

In case you bought a piece of antique furniture or voluminous decorative objects you would like to ship back home, using a shipper or a transporter can be a good and less expensive alternative, as many of them use extra cargo space to consolidate shipments. Here are a few tips on antique shipping, and what pitfalls to avoid in the process

May 16
Your Complete Guide to Finding and Taking Care of Antique Silver

This thorough guide will divulge all of the need-to-know information on where to source silver, and how to take care of it efficiently so that your metal will always stay in pristine condition

May 16
How To Identify Rare Materials Found At Flea Markets

Flea market finds go beyond objects made from standard wood and metal. And when trying to identify  rare materials, there’s more to spotting the real deal than meets the eye.