New Flea Market App Features 100 Best Markets in the United States

The interactive guide called Fleamapket helps vintage enthusiasts choose their next travel destination


Vienna, March 2018 – With over 150 million visitors every year, flea market shopping is among the most popular leisure activities in the United States¹. However, only 22% of flea market vendors in the US actually sell vintage or antique merchandise² and with thousands of flea markets taking place every weekend, shoppers on the hunt for authentic vintage or antiques face the time-consuming task of browsing endless directories to find the right flea market.

The web-based app Fleamapket, which officially launches its US-version on 1st of April 2018, offers a solution for flea market shoppers in search of real treasure troves. Within less than a year, the interactive flea market guide has become the go-to tool for vintage shoppers and travelers in Europe. The US-version of Fleamapket now features the 100 best flea markets in the United States, in addition to selected vintage and antique shops.

Fleamapket is a curated directory, following a quality-first approach. The contributors only review markets and antique fairs of considerable size that distinguish themselves by the quality of their antique and vintage items. “Our users trust that we pick only the best venues, so they do not have to scour long lists of markets anymore, and focus on what really matters: finding hidden gems while having fun”, says Nicolas Martin, creator of Fleamapket and founder of Flea Market Insiders, a popular lifestyle blog.

In addition to the best 100 flea markets in the US, Fleamapket features over 300 of the best flea markets around the world, most of them in Europe.

Travelers, in particular, appreciate the tools available on Fleamapket, which allow them to discover new flea markets on an interactive map and narrow their search by applying filters. They can explore markets by season, size, or specific topics, such as particularly scenic markets or foodie flea markets. Each flea market is independently reviewed and users can rate them.

While many of Fleamapket’s functionalities are accessible for free, users may also upgrade to a premium membership for $59 USD a year. Fleamapket’s most popular premium feature is undoubtedly its calendar with iCal support, which provides a practical overview of the world’s best flea markets and antique fairs. Members also get advanced search filters, free expertise, and travel itineraries for self-guided vintage shopping weekends in 10 cities, including New York, London, and Paris.

“Flea market shopping is one of the most authentic ways to experience local culture – and you can be sure to bring home unique souvenirs”, explains Nicolas Martin. Fleamapket is used by travelers who love to discover new flea markets, but also by professionals, such as antique shop owners, interior designers, stylists, and artists.

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¹The National Flea Market Association, 2018: Flea Markets are visited by over 150 million customers each year and there are over 1100 flea markets in the United States (
²The Merchandiser Group, 2016: Only 22% of all vendors sell antique, used, or vintage merchandise. (

Background Information

Fleamapket was created by Nicolas Martin, a French flea market expert living in Vienna, Austria. After its UK/Europe launch in 2017, the web-based app has become the go-to source for flea market enthusiasts in less than a year.

Fleamapket is not Nicolas’ first venture in this area. In 2011, his passion for flea markets inspired him to create Flea Market Insiders, an online platform for flea market enthusiasts. Nowadays, Flea Market Insiders is among the most popular and trusted sources for insider tips and articles about flea markets, antiques and vintage.

Nicolas and his ventures have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Homes & Antiques, HGTV Magazine, Antique Collecting, Refinery29, CBS New York, and more.

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