301 Endless Yard Sale

Inspired by HGTV's “Flea Market Flip” and filmed for an episode of Great American Country’s “Endless Yard Sale”, 301 Endless Yard Sale spans 5 counties along a 100-mile stretch of highway from Weldon to Dunn, North Carolina

Framed within a stunning pastoral landscape with rustic barns and grazing cows, 301 Endless Yard Sale is a breathtaking environment for vintage and antique hunting. Inspired by HGTV television show “Flea Market Flip”, the sale along US 301 began in 2013. Hundreds of antique and yard sale vendors make this a great stop for collectors.

The two-day event spans five counties along a 100-mile stretch of highway from Weldon to Dunn, North Carolina. The 301 Endless Yard Sale runs annually from Friday to Saturday on the third weekend in June. In addition to professional antique dealers, neighbors line the route daily from 7 am to 5 pm.

Variety is the spice of highway sale life. Quality antiques include primitives and vintage Americana. Look for leather saddles, tobacco baskets and wooden crates, metal tobacco and motorcycle advertisements, and salvaged doors, windows, and wrought iron fencing.

Besides antiques, visitors will find lots of yard sale wares. Count on baby clothes and high chairs, kids’ toys and bikes, books, and homespun crafts like pillows. Past visitors report better deals on garage sale items. Whereas some sellers want market value, many antique merchants are open to offers.

It should be noted the trail passes by the Ava Gardner Museum. Exploring the history of a local country girl turned classic Hollywood icon can be worth the extra stop. Live outdoor music performances also provide fun ways to end a day of shopping.

The 301 Endless Yard Sale is, above all, a journey to find that special antique or vintage piece. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to meet friendly people and share stories about the joys of collecting. What began with an appreciation for flea market finds, the event continues to offer vintage enthusiasts the thrill of the hunt.

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