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Since 2011, the owners of Alaska Picker have been hand-picking the most interesting, unique and collectable pieces from all over "The Last Frontier" state and gathered them under one roof for visitors to easily browse

Those that do not have time to visit all the vintage antique and flea markets in Alaska should head straight to Alaska Picker. The owners of this store have already put in the leg work for you and found the most interesting, unique and collectable pieces from all over the state and gathered them under one roof for visitors to easily browse. The store has been in operation since 2011, though the owners’ passion and experience for antiquing and picking has a much longer history. Their knowledge shines through the pieces they select, and visitors will be hard pushed to leave their store empty handed.

Walking through Alaska Picker allows a real peek into Alaskan history. The owners do an incredible job in sourcing their items, and their love of their work is clear. Each piece in the store has a rich history, and hearing the stories behind the goods is one of the joys of shopping here. Anyone who is searching for a one of a kind item for their home or that special decoration for their business should be sure to stop by here.

The skill of picking is seeing what others have discarded as junk and identifying the hidden value in a piece. Some of the goods in Alaska Picker have been restored and repurposed, and others are waiting for that creative input from the right shopper. The variety within the store is quite incredible. Vintage posters hang from the walls, there are coin collections, old typewriters, vintage signage, maps, pieces of furniture large and small, advertising memorabilia, classic Americana, books globes, lighting and more.

Alaska Picker is the kind of store that shoppers will keep coming back to. You never quite know what you will find when you step in there, and the owners regularly head out on picking adventures to ensure there are always new things to see. For those unique conversation starters, there is no better place to shop!

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