Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair

A fair held four times a year in the unique setting provided by the Great Hall of the Alexandra Palace, and which focuses on 20th-century collectibles alongside more traditional antiques

Built in 1873 as a place of leisure for the public, north London’s Alexandra Palace sits on a hill looking south over the city. For more than 25 years, its bright and airy Great Hall has served as the setting for a large and impressive flea market gathering up to 300 vendors, the Antiques & Collectors Fair.

As its name suggests, the Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair focuses on 20th-century collectibles alongside more traditional antiques. Ceramics, by producers such Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Carlton Ware, SylvaC, Poole, Midwinter, Hornsea and Ridgway, are featured here, as are glassware, jewellery, early plastics, advertising items and toys.

Art-deco design is quite popular at the fair, as well as chromeware, glass, clocks, lamps, figurines, tea services, prints and posters. A number of vendors exhibiting at the Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair specialize in vintage clothing and accessories – handbags, fur coats, compacts – and some carry 1960s and 1970s kitchenware, catering to an appetite for that period among a younger clientele.

Considered one of London’s most prestigious and historical venues, the Alexandra Palace is a must see that makes for a great outing – partly because it is located only 5 miles from the centre of the capital. Surrounded by it’s own park of some 196 acres, the Palace offers visitors magnificent panoramic views of London’s skyline and is famous for its attractions, such as the ice rink and boating lake.

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