Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer

Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer is the oldest flea markets in Germany and a picturesque tourist landmark, located along the Leine river and near the old town

Since 1967, the very popular Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer (which is also the oldest flea market in Germany) has been taking place every week throughout the year. It is located on the High bank of Hanover, far beyond the city’s borders. The very location of the Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer is itself an incentive to visit it, as it offers a picturesque view on the Leine river and the nearby Schlossstraße and Goethestraße.

Since the Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer is a traditional flea market featuring art, antiques, kitsch and vintage, the sale of footwear, apparel, food, new and mass-produced merchandises is prohibited. Electrical and electronic items are accepted, as long as they were not produced after 1975.

The Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer is therefore aimed primarily at visitors who traditionally look for grandma’s like antiques and vintage or want to purchase everyday items such as used crockery, books, or tools. CDs and used books are also offered for sale, and since many antique and local record dealer regularly sell on this flea market, vinyl-lovers especially get a great bang for the buck.

Many consider the Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer as the oldest flea market in Germany. It has often been featured in German media such as NDR, as its picturesque location along the Leine river and its proximity to the old town, make it an attractive tourist location.

Last but not least, the voluminous Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle surrounding the premises and of course the various restaurants and cafes that invite passersby to linger, offer an additional incentive to spending a day at the Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer.

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3 reviews

  1. Von Kunst uber Ramsch zum Kitsch, für jeden etwas dabei.
    Aufm Samstag zum Brunchen in die Altstadt und anschließend über den Flohmarkt schlendern, ein Muss für jeden Hannoveraner und Stadtbesucher.

  2. The flea market offers a diversity of antiques, books and other stuff. In summer you can enjoy strolling the market right at the edge of the river Leine. There you will also find the Nana’s.

  3. Super Flohmarkt in mitten der City. Sehr gemischtes Angebot, von Ramsch über Ungewöhnliches bis hin zu tollem Antiquitäten, Büchern, Schallplatten, und und und… Samstags, bis 16 Uhr, also viel Zeit zum schauen und schlendern.

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