Antibes Antiquités & Brocante (awaiting relocation)

Antibes Antiquités & Brocante is increasingly popular with locals in Provence, as it offers an excellent selection of quirky collectables on display each weekend, as well as a chance for socializing, strolling and browsing as much as bargain hunting

Flea markets in France are a chance for socializing, strolling and browsing as much as bargain hunting. And Antibes Antiquités & Brocante is the perfect place for all these things. This flea market is increasingly popular with locals for these reasons, and offers an excellent selection of quirky collectables on display each weekend. For tourists, the friendly vibe typical to Provence flea markets means it is a great opportunity to try out rusty language skills and perhaps snag a much desired unique item in the mean time.

Around 50 vendors set up shop at Antibes Antiquités & Brocante each weekend and there is plenty space for a few more. This is good to see, as this market grows in popularity year after year. With stalls set up in both indoor and outdoor spaces, there is plenty to enjoy at this market whatever the weather and there is always something new to see here.

Vendors at Antibes Antiquités & Brocante clearly love what they do and take pride in the items they bring for sale. Many of them have been working this market for many years, though new vendors are always encouraged and welcomed. There is a lot of banter to enjoy taking place between the vendors, which adds to the overall welcoming vibes here. Prices are reasonable, and there are always bargains to be found here. Of course, the best chances are had the earlier in the day, and this is a market that opens up early.

Visitors will find plenty of weird and wonderful items to choose from at Antibes Antiquités & Brocante. Vendors bring large and small pieces of antique furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing, books and comics, ornamental pieces, tools, kitchen ware, gardening goods, bicycles and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone here, and there is no doubt that locals will find themselves regular visitors after their first time exploring the goods here.

A trip to Antibes Antiquités & Brocante should also be completed by a stop at Troc en Stock Antibes, a place that provides the convenience of a store with the whimsical nostalgia of a traditional flea market featuring charming vintage, second hand and antique items at a reasonable price.

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