Arai Yakushi Temple – 新井薬師アンティーク・フェア

A good medium size flea market northwest of Shinjuku, hosting once a month 50 to 80 flea market stalls

The Antique Fair at Arai Yakushi Temple in Nakano-ku is a good medium size flea market northwest of Shinjuku, which is held once a month, and hosts 50 to 80 flea market stalls. Arai Yakushi belongs to the Shingon sect of Japanese buddhism. The temple is dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai (the healing Buddha). Generally temples which enshrine the healing Buddha are called Yakushi (temple).

The formal name of the Arai Yakushi is Baishoin while it is more widely known as Arai Yakushi since it is located in Arai. The temple became popular when a prayer to the temple healed a serious eye disease of a daughter of the fifth Tokugawa shogun Ietada. Since then, Arai Yakushi has been believed by people as an eye-curing temple.

The Arai Yakushi Temple flea market is located 5 min. away on foot from Araiyakushi-mae Sta. on the Seibu-Shinjuku Line, and 15 min. away from Nakano Sta. (North Exit) on the JR Chuo Line

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