Antique Mall of the South

A 14,000 square foot climate-controlled show room hosting over 70 vendors selling a constantly rotating inventory of timeless antiques, Antique Mall of the South is one of Mississippi's premier antique showcase

Dubbed one of Mississippi‘s premier antique showcase, Antique Mall of the South is really easy to find as it is located on the main roads, but it may be a building that people often drive by without thinking of stopping by – as the exterior is very unassuming.

If you can not resist the pleasures of antique shopping, it would be a mistake indeed to bypass Antique Mall of the South, as many an hour, and many a dollar, can be spent here.

The 14,000 square foot climate-controlled floor space of Antique Mall of the South houses more than 70 vendors, and the layout is incredibly clean, tidy and well organized. Sometimes these kinds of stores can feel very overwhelming when stepping in, but this is not the case here. All of the items are really well looked after, with rarely a layer of dust to be seen, which shows the pride that the owners take in their store. It means that both shoppers and vendors alike can be confident of the quality of the goods, and also of the care taken.

The most popular items found at Antique Mall of the South are differing kinds of furniture, with the specialty seeming to be dining room furnishings. There are also wonderful china pieces, clocks, other household decorative objects, different knick knacks and curios that are hard indeed to resist! And with a constantly rotating inventory, every visit to this antique showroom offers a new experience.

Prices of the goods at Antique Mall of the South are sometimes considered a little high, but generally agreed to be fair for the quality on offer. Bargaining is at the discretion of the owners of the stock, which often means that the chance of making an offer is dependent on the store owner being able to get in touch with the vendor to see if an agreement can be made. Expect to pay the ticket price, and disappointment can be avoided.

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    1. Great selection of antiques and collectibles

      Clean, spacious, bright, climate controlled and well appointed. The 70 dealers have neat areas and quality merchandise. and you don’t have to search through junk and flea market items. You will enjoy the experience and may find that item you’ve been looking for years.

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