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The Antique Specialty Mall has been open for business since 1987, making it the longest-running and oldest antique store in New Mexico, in addition to being one of the largest store dedicated to antiques and collectibles

The Antique Specialty Mall has been open for business in Albuquerque since 1987, making it the longest-running and oldest antique store in New Mexico. With so many years of experience in the field of antiques, the owners are as knowledgeable as you might expect, and their passion for their trade is one of the things that has made the store thrive over the decades. Locals to the area should definitely pop in and see what all the fuss is about – you will not be disappointed.

With over 18,000 square feet of space dedicated to antiques and collectibles, it is easy to lose time when browsing through the Antique Specialty Mall. There is so much to see within, and every item is unique with its own story to tell. This store has more than 50 different dealers under its roof, so there are always plenty of people around to talk to and share a love of antiques with.

The antiques for sale in the Antique Specialty Mall cover more than 200 years of American and Southwestern history. Visiting this store is like taking a trip to the museum, though all the artifacts can be picked up and examined, which just adds to the fun! Furniture can be tried out, toys full of nostalgia handled once again, and tools can be trialed. As well as these goods, there is artwork, advertising memorabilia, gardening items, glassware, chinaware, ornamental pieces and so much more.

Prices at the Antique Specialty Mall are fair, and the higher-end prices reflect the higher quality goods found here. A certain amount of bargaining is possible, though the vendors tend to know what they have a price their goods accordingly. With such a range of goods though, there is something to suit every pocket and every taste here, so there is no reason not to stop by.

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