Antiques on the Farmington

Established in 1991, Antiques on the Farmington is a warehouse-style kind of antique store hosting around 50 vendors under its roof, which should not be missed by anyone curious about antiques, or keen for unique pieces

Antiquing is certainly a popular past time in Connecticut, and there are plenty of antique markets dedicated to collectable items. There are also a lot of the warehouse-style kind of antique stores, housing multiple different vendors under one roof. Most of these are open everyday, and shopping is never dampened by miserable weather. Antiques on the Farmington is one of these places, and should not be missed by anyone curious about antiques, or keen for unique pieces.

Antiques on the Farmington is found in the quiet town of Collinsville, which has a rich history making it the perfect backdrop for an amazing antique store like this one. There is a great art scene in this town too; both newly created and antique pieces that means art lovers of all kinds will not be disappointed.

Established in 1991 in the beautiful Historic Collins Axe Factory, Antiques on the Farmington has grown over the years, but still maintains a size of around 50 vendors under its roof. This is slightly smaller than many of the other antique warehouses around, and this added intimacy makes the shopping experience all the more enjoyable. Still, there is more than enough to see, and the two floors of the building stretch on much further than you would think from a glance of the outside.

There is plenty of jewelery on sale at Antiques on the Farmington, and a huge range of china and porcelain pieces. There are also some great wooden furnishings at very reasonable prices, and of course a range of other collectables from toys to typewriters. Should a customer not find what they are looking for, they are encouraged to leave a note for the staff, who will then be sure to be in touch when an appropriate piece finds its way to the store. This great service is why Antiques on the Farmington has so many loyal customers and repeat visitors!

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