Antiquités Le Village

Home to 30 independent traders set up under one roof covering a 32000 sqft area, Antiquités Le Village is considered to be a bit of a paradise for collectors and bargain-hunters alike and is well worth a visit if you happen to be visiting northern France or Belgium

Those local to Lille and fans of antiques will probably be familiar with Antiquités Le Village. This antique mall is considered to be a bit of a paradise for collectors and bargain-hunters alike and is well worth a visit if you happen to be visiting Northern France or Belgium. With roughly 30 independent traders set up under one roof, there is great diversity in the wares for sale here. Being spread over 3000 square meters (32000 sqft) means that this antique store never feels too crowded and is always a pleasure to stroll around.

Antiquités Le Village offers something from all styles, from the most fashionable to the most curious. Each vendor trading here clearly has their own preference, and the exhibition area is set up in such a way that it is easy to tell where one vendor’s wares stop and another’s’ begins. This is a very friendly and welcoming store, with an atmosphere much more akin to a flea market than a conventional shop. If you should have any questions about the items on display, do not hesitate to grab one of the vendors or members of staff in the store. They will happily share all the information they have regarding any given object of interest.

Most of the time, you know you are in the right place on arrival to Antiquités Le Village as the items spill out the front entrance and the displays start right outside. It is such a fantastic sight to be greeted with! Visitors will find musical instruments, items of furniture both antique and retro, vintage toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, clocks, lamps, statues, posters, artwork, carvings, movie memorabilia, chinaware, and even the odd vintage vehicle.

If shoppers need a few moments to revel in the nostalgia inspired by a walk around Antiquités Le Village, luckily there is a cafe on site. With such reasonable pricing and plenty of available parking, the tricky thing when shopping here is to not bring every item that catches your eye home with you.

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