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Barter Buy Antiques and Interiors has been providing antique lovers in Johannesburg a place to shop for fine collectibles and decorative pieces since 1992 and is nowadays one of the largest antique stores in South Africa

Barter Buy Antiques and Interiors has been providing antique lovers in Johannesburg a place to shop for fine vintage items and collectibles since 1992. The owners pride themselves on curating a wide variety of fine items and decorative pieces that are not only suitable for all styles and tastes, but also for all budgets. This store started as one of the smallest antique stores in the city and is now one of the largest in South Africa. It is easy to see why this store has a reputation for stocking fine collectibles, and why shoppers come from both near and far to browse the goods here.

The teams behind Barter Buy Antiques and Interiors have many decades of experience in the field of antique and collecting and are themselves passionate collectors and experts in vintage and antique wares. The store specializes in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian furniture and also curates a superb collection of decorative and smaller antique and vintage items such as kettles, copper pots, decanters, tea sets, and crystal glasses, to name but a few. All the furniture items are, of course, beautiful, but also fully functional, restored, polished, and ready for immediate use in your home.

As well as selling fantastic antiques, Barter Buy Antiques and Interiors also offer French polishing services, restoration, and re-upholstery expertise to take care of existing much-loved items. Their staff have more than 25 years of experience in this field and guarantee that items will be restored with great care to their former glory. They can also fashion new, bespoke items if that is what the customer requires.

On-site at Barter Buy Antiques and Interiors is a coffee shop, perfect for shoppers that need to take a load off and recharge before heading back to the important task of shopping. Breakfast, lunch, and homemade cakes can also be purchased, so serious antique aficionados can spend the whole day browsing if they want to!

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