Bazár na hrade Devín (permanently closed)

The medieval castle of Devin becomes once a month the stunning location of the Bazár na hrade Devín featuring a wide range of antique and vintage goods for sale, and a panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

The fantastic medieval castle of Devin, near the Austrian border, becomes once a month the stunning location of the Bazár na hrade Devín (the Bazaar on the Devin Castle). This market displays a wide range of antique and vintage goods and is also a venue for craftspeople to put out their hand-made wares for sale.

The atmosphere at the Bazár na hrade Devín is wonderful. It has a very casual feel to it, and vendors are utilizing their car boots and blankets on the floor to set out their offerings. There is artwork, vintage jewelry, antique household ornaments, crockery, book collections, toys and clocks to see, and items are generally well priced. Unlike other flea markets in the city, Bazár na hrade Devín charges an entry fee of €4 for adults and €2 for kids. However, the entry fee also gives access to the castle grounds and museum, which offers in the end great value for money.

Bazár na hrade Devín is not solely about the market and items for sale. The focus is rather on creating an awesome day’s experience for everyone that visits. The flea market features various entertainments like plays for kids, medieval re-enactments, workshops, and lectures. This is all open to the elements, and schedules and weather forecasts should be checked as the Bazár na hrade Devín is canceled if the weather is bad.

Devin Castle is just 12km from the city center of Bratislava, and it takes roughly 20 minutes by bus from the city to get to the Bazár na hrade Devín; the castle is even accessible by boat! The castle is situated on top of a steep cliff, and the panoramic view of the surrounding areas is just spectacular.

Bazár na hrade Devín truly does offer something for everyone, if not among the goods on sale then in the location and other historical activities that are organized. It makes for a perfect family outing, though serious collectors can often find treasures among the castle ruins too.

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