Blue Jar Antique Mall

Home to around 40 independent vendors sharing more than 7,000 square feet of space, the Blue Jar Antique Mall sits since 2010 on a high street of regular stores and there are no hints from the outside that this place is somewhat of a collector's paradise.

Sharing a building with a vacuum store, the Blue Jar Antique Mall is a little inconspicuous to those that may not be in the know as to the treasures housed within. It sits on a high street of regular stores and there are no hints from the outside that this place is somewhat of a collector’s paradise. It has been trading here since 2010, though was taken on by new management in 2018. The quality of the goods within has remained consistently high though between different owners and its reputation among antiquing enthusiasts has done nothing but grow over the years.

Within the Blue Jar Antique Mall, around 40 independent vendors share more than 7,000 square feet of space. Some areas are very distinctly laid out as to belonging to one specific trader, others merge together a little and separate collections are not entirely defined. This fact creates no issue for shoppers though, and no matter what goods are of interest any and all staff within the store are happy to be of assistance.

On most occasions, it feels as though the staff is simply satisfied to share their passion for antiques with fellow collectors, or pass on their enthusiasm to those casually browsing for appealing additions to their home. All in all, the atmosphere within is incredibly welcoming and is one of the reasons that patrons return again and again.

Another appeal of the Blue Jar Antique Mall is the wide range of vintage and antique items available. Collectors can find telephones, artwork, vintage books, chinaware, lighting fixtures, luggage, furniture, rocking horses, clothing, crates, globes, kitchenware, and a whole load of curios and decorative items in between. Displays are re-stocked on a daily basis so there is always something new to see here. This store is truly a hidden gem in Edmonton’s antiquing scene and always an absolute pleasure to stop by.

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